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SCDF rushed to extinguish flames from a burning Toyota Wish earlier this afternoon at Yishun

SCDF rushed to extinguish flames from a burning Toyota Wish earlier this afternoon at Yishun



Breaking news: A silver Toyota Wish suddenly went up in flames in Yishun, producing a large cloud of smoke and a constant racket of noise.


Earlier this afternoon, pedestrians and passers-by uploaded several videos of a silver Toyota Wish burning in the middle of the road.

As the flames swallowed the vehicle's insides, its horn started to produce a loud and constant noise.

This garnered the attention of more individuals, who then called for the police and the SCDF.


In one of the videos, police officers could be seen directing traffic at the junction.


Luckily, the SCDF firefighters arrived quickly at the scene and managed to extinguish the fire within a matter of seconds.


Kudos to the SCDF for acting quickly!

Possible causes of car fires

The first possible cause of a fire like this could be a fuel system leak.

Leaks are the most common cause of vehicle fires and are dangerous as they can arise independently with minimal warning. Fuel leaking onto hot metal and plastic parts cause a fast-spreading fire, which is why drivers must ensure that their vehicles are appropriately maintained to reduce the chances of a fuel system fire.


The next possible cause of a car fire could be an electrical system failure starting from fault conditions between the battery and starter cables or a high voltage that can generate a spark in the spark-ignition engine.

The charging cycles of a car battery can cause explosive hydrogen gas to build up, and the electrical current from the battery can produce sparks that would ignite a fluid drip or leaked vapours. An unnoticed frayed wire could cause havoc as electrical wiring runs throughout the entire car.


Netizens’ reactions

While we are still unsure what had started the fire, netizens were quick to speculate potential causes.







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Fire looks like it originated from the driver and front passenger area. Not from under the hood or the rear.

Possibly the cause of fire could be from electrical overloading on the power socket. I see some phv drivers have multiple devices in their line of sight. All of them possibly on the same charger.

Anyway the above Wish looks rather old.

This below  happened in 2017, could be the driver never send the car for servicing. Car overheated and pulled to the side of the road, manage to open the hood, see smoke and fire started to emerge. So scared that the driver ran away.

Still can see abit of the car battery. Greenish colour, should be Amaron. Battery not burnt. Quite amazing.



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This article makes me think twice about hiding money in my car.

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