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Transformers in real life? Optimus Prime identifies a lorry as Megatron and takes it down violently

Transformers in real life? Optimus Prime identifies a lorry as Megatron and takes it down violently



Transformers used to be every kid's dream toy back in the good old days – what's not to love when it's based an innovative combination between cars and robots?

The driver of a prime mover seemed to be stuck in his dream as he re-enacted a scene you would probably see in a Transformers movie.

What Happened?

The cam car was driving along Kian Teck Avenue when he witnessed this horrifying accident between a prime mover and a lorry. 

Just as the cam car and lorry was passing by a junction, a prime mover emerged from Kian Teck Drive and smashed headfirst into the side of the lorry.  

The impact was so great that it caused the lorry to topple over to its side. 

Luckily, there seemed to be no passengers in the back of the lorry. 

Below is a clearer view of the accident location:1777590706_Screenshot2021-12-03at9_38_58AM.thumb.png.665bee044d6bb3b236ce18beca07ec44.png

It was clear as day that the prime mover driver disregarded the stop-line and assumed he had the right of way since he was travelling straight. 

Playing the Devil's Advocate?

Nope, don't start on the "it is partly LTA's fault because they did not maintain the road signage which caused the stop-line to be faded". 

Regardless of how faded it is, the stop-line remains visible to any road user, and this suffices. 

The fault lies entirely on the prime mover driver. 

The Outcome of the Accident

At this point, it remains unknown if anyone was seriously injured in this accident. 

Nonetheless, we wish anyone involved in this accident the best of health and a speedy recovery.


Netizens' Comments




It has an uncanny resemblance to Transformers...


There is a significant difference between being unable to stop in time and did not bother to stop. 




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