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This Hiace driver is a hero Singapore did not ask for but definitely a hero we need on our roads

This Hiace driver is a hero Singapore did not ask for but definitely a hero we need on our roads



Not all heroes wear capes; some of them drive a Toyota Hiace.

In this video, a cam car and a silver Hiace were waiting to turn right at a junction.

As the green signal came on, both vehicles started to make their turns.


A silver Prius suddenly charges straight through the junction out of the blue, clearly ignoring the red light signal on the road. 


The front of the van almost swipes the side of the car as it rushes past both vehicles.


Unimpressed, the cam car follows the silver vehicle and forms right behind it in the next junction.


However, the van driver was not going down without a fight.


As he reaches the same junction, he sticks to the left lane. 

He then proceeds to charge towards the Prius, only to abruptly stop in front of it, narrowly missing it by an inch. 


According to the cam car driver, the van driver confronted the other driver as he slowly straightened out his vehicle. 


That ought to teach the Prius driver a lesson for beating the red light!


Netizens' reactions


He most definitely was not! 



With the way this Prius drives, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more clowns like this on the streets of Singapore.





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