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$500,000 GTR with $4000+ worth of parking fines tries to escape $6.52 parking fee

$500,000 GTR with $4000+ worth of parking fines tries to escape $6.52 parking fee



TL:DR – The title says it all. The owner claims that he ended up paying the $6.52 in the end, and the accumulated fines were due to the inability to navigate slopes at the MSCP because of the GTR’s lowered stance.


When you drive an eye-catching car like a Nissan GTR, you’d better be on your best behaviour on the roads. There are digital eyes everywhere!

Trying to escape paying carpark fees is not an example of ‘best behaviour’.

Here’s the video for a weekend laugh.


Updates on SGRV

While normal tailgating out of carpark videos can be mundane, this update piqued my interest.


The fines

Let’s have a look at the fines.








The whole argument that “Home MSCP too steep” is also somewhat weak.

Park at an open-air carpark maybe?

Does this car look familiar?

So, we did some searching for GTRs on sgCarMart like we do every day (just to drool over things we cannot afford) and we found this:


Compare that with the GTR in the video. I'm sorry this was the best shot we could get.... it's lowered after all.


Do you think the hood vents on the body kits look somewhat similar?

If they are the one and the same, that’s defnitely a creative way to ‘siam’ the $4000+ parking fines.

Online Chatter


Zero logic. Absolutely zero.


Well, to be fair, he sent an image of the payment







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$500,000 for this COE GTR.?Maybe already 4-5 Owners liao.

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drive GTR .... if cannot go up HDB MSCP  ... is HDB fault? [hur] 

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On 12/4/2021 at 12:59 PM, PM250 said:

no money want to drive GTR. 

face face lah....want to look good in front of friends... A HIGH CLASS car slave. 

If the other low class car slave eat Maggie fee only for dinner, This driver probably eat one pack of Maggie mee for 5 days 😁

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