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All for the gram: An individual posts a video of himself and others illegally disposing petrol from a motorcycle

All for the gram: An individual posts a video of himself and others illegally disposing petrol from a motorcycle



Sometimes, people do things without thinking about the consequence of their actions. 

Ignorance is bliss, am I right?

Until someone decides to take a video and post it on the internet for the world to see. 

Watch this video to find out how the internet is capable of [email protected]*king you up when you least expect it to:

What Happened?

A group of people, who are presumably friends, were caught disposing petrol from a motorcycle just outside an Esso petrol station. 

The group can be seen lifting the motorcycle and tilting it to drain the petrol next to a grass patch. 

Their actions were filmed and posted by an individual from the group on his IG account and IG story.

I guess it is a norm to document any interesting part of your daily life experience and upload it to social media in today's digital age. Everything is 'for the gram' these days.

The Rationale Behind Their Actions

With the surge in petrol prices in the recent months, it makes their actions seem absurd.

The only possible, logical explanation for their action stems from the stupidity of the rider who pumped the wrong type of petrol. (Eg. Pumping of diesel fuel instead of 92 or 95.)

Other than the above, it makes no sense to dispose of any unused petrol in the tank, especially in an undesignated area. 

Interestingly, one individual came forward to address this issue...in a horrible fashion. 

Instead of acknowledging the group's wrongdoing and making the appropriate amends, this individual decided to defend the group. 



"Esso staff told us to just pour the outside the pump station..."

If I told you to eat shit, will you?

Come on, just spare several seconds to think rationally, and avoid any unnecessary trouble. 

Netizens' Comments


It is highly likely that he did.


Either forgot about SAF's 9th Core Value or haven't served yet...


Please help to educate them🤐




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“(Eg. Pumping of diesel petrol instead of 92 or 95.)”

Sorry but are you even a car person?

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Hahaha. Yet another case of stupidity. Really... This era, the world has no shortage of silly people videoing themselves doing all kinds of shxtty things in front of it and either they post the videos themselves or their friends posted it and screw themselves up. How stupid can people gets really...

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