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Van driver bullies a foreign cyclist by impeding his path and splashing water on him when confronted

Van driver bullies a foreign cyclist by impeding his path and splashing water on him when confronted



TL:DR – A van driver displays the ugly side of humanity and intentionally cuts a cyclist’s path. When the cyclist confronts the driver, the driver threatens to call the police, makes snide remarks about the cyclist’s visa (he’s a foreigner) and even splashes water on him.


While we usually see stories on MyCarForum about errant cyclists, today happens to be slightly different.

Today, we watch the ugly side of humanity displayed by a ‘guai lan’ van driver who needs to get beat up.


Watch this 5-min long video to understand why. The audio is a little out of sync though.

What led to this confrontation?

Yes, the exciting bits are at the start of the video. However, if you watch the whole video, the trigger was when the van driver overtook the bicycle and swerved into its path without adhering to the 1.5m safety distancing rule.


Clearly. the driver had no intention to let the cyclist through.

Road bullying at its worst

If that wasn’t enough, the driver even threatened the foreign cyclist. Here are some quotes from the conversation


“Call the police”


“You’ll lose your visa later”

The driver even splashes two bottles of liquid on the cyclist.


Online Chatter



Disgraceful and disgusting behaviour.




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Hmm.. your friend who ride shotgun with you may not be your friend. Case in point. The passager who uploaded this video has a unbias view. 

That the extend of my observation.

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I know who the driver is!

He dubs Jackie Chan movies to English!


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14 hours ago, Fitvip said:

Is the TP investigating?

Looks like a shouting match between 2 idiots.

TP dont want to add a 3 player to referred 2 idiots. Waste of tax payer money.

As long as no injury, need to take a magistrate compliant or rather mediation First.

As we all know, this is not kindergarten with the children been summon to the teachers room.


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LTA should brief all commercial vehicles on the new rules.....

Don't think they have much time to read the updated rules after all the deliveries.

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