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Spot an illegal PMD on the road? Shout and honk at them. They might lose balance and fall like these clowns

Spot an illegal PMD on the road? Shout and honk at them. They might lose balance and fall like these clowns



Every time I see a PMD on the road, a Young Punk (YP) is usually the one behind it. 

Worse still, an underaged YP who couldn't care less about their safety.

Watch how a motorcyclist teaches a couple of YP PMD riders a lesson they will never forget:

What Happen?

The incident occurred at Punggol Field, involving a motorcyclist and two illegal PMD riders.

The motorcyclist gave the PMD riders a short honk upon performing a discretionary right turn, most probably telling them to stay off the road.

While on a straight road, the PMD riders throttled their PMDs and quickly picked up speed.

They then began swerving in and out of traffic recklessly.

This was when the rider had enough of them - He loudly exclaimed an "Oi!" when riding past them, giving them a shock of their lives.

Caught In Action



The YP in black loses his balance and almost falls off his illegal PMD, while the other YP in white crashes into a kerb and falls flat onto the ground.

Was shouting at the YPs necessary? Or did it go too far?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

Netizens' Comments


Every estate seems to have this group of boys...


Don't get me wrong, but aren't the boys putting themselves in danger in the first place? 

They are literally riding illegal PMD on the road without any personal protective equipment!


In camp shout "Where's your beret?!" at NSFs, outside camp shout "OI!" at YP PMD riders😆




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young punks no scared die... as saying goes: no see coffin, no drop tears 😑

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maybe the OI sounded damn familiar. like the one from their school disciplinary master lol

heard the OI then kadang kabo

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Good job, hope the pavement is ok and unhharmed

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Mai stress. These illegal PMDs will probably catch fire while charging in their hdb flat. Problem solve itself


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4 hours ago, Soya said:

Mai stress. These illegal PMDs will probably catch fire while charging in their hdb flat. Problem solve itself


The part on PMDs catching fire is somewhat true....

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Anyone saw the sai coming out of the boys' shorts?

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