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Mazda 5 driver from Singapore parks and hogs an entire single lane in JB, also gets caught driving on the road shoulder of an expressway

Mazda 5 driver from Singapore parks and hogs an entire single lane in JB, also gets caught driving on the road shoulder of an expressway



We need to shine the spotlight on a Singaporean driver who puts all other Singaporean drivers to shame.

Let’s look at the minute-ish video:

Mazda 5 driver, why are you so entitled?

There are two incidents here.

1. Driver parking wherever he pleases

It’s a single-lane road in each direction. But our friend thinks he is some big-shot Datuk and happily parks his car on the road. 


Other cars behind would have to go around the Mazda 5 if there’s no oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.

How selfish can one be?

2. Driving on the road shoulder like an uncivilised turd

If you thought that was all, unfortunately, it’s not.


Additional footage in the video caught the same Mazda 5 driving on the road shoulder of an expressway.

This is not how you behave in a foreign country

It’s very embarrassing for Singaporeans to watch this. Malaysians will think all Singaporean drivers are like that when they see this video.

In fact, this post has gone viral on some Malaysia FB page.


Translates to



“Singapore car that was spotted at the said location, give problems when entering Malaysia”

“Anyhow park and use emergency lane”


Yes, we get it. Singaporeans can drive to Malaysia now and enjoy everything our neighbouring country offers.

Malaysia is truly Asia after all! Does anybody remember this ad?


But no matter where you go, know that someone is always watching.

Online Chatter




I don’t know where this fella plucks the figures from. But yes most drivers these days have a dashcam installed.



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This is the game he is playing. Forgot what is reality and what is virtual.


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