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Cam car driver claims the role of the victim after cutting recklessly into a Subaru WRX’s lane and receiving 7 brake checks in response

Cam car driver claims the role of the victim after cutting recklessly into a Subaru WRX’s lane and receiving 7 brake checks in response



TL;DR – A cam car driver took to social media to shame a Subaru WRX for playing a brake check game with it. The driver even noted down the number (7 times) of brake checks performed by the WRX. Plot twist, the cam car driver isn’t so innocent either.


The Facebook Post on SGRV


Upon watching the video and reading the caption, one cannot help but think negatively of the Subaru WRX.

Then you watch the video again, and you realise there’s more to it than what you see at face value.

Here’s the video.

The spark that fueled the fire

Upon realising it was on a right-turn only lane, the cam car driver cut into the path of the WRX.


Perhaps cam car didn’t signal its intention?

Perhaps cam car did an abrupt lane change?

Perhaps cam car was too near the WRX?

Could be a myriad of reasons.

But we can conclude that it triggered the WRX to act.

Not just once, but SEVEN times


On Count 7, cam car pretends to drive on a right-turn-only lane to throw the WRX off and changes lane at the last minute, but the WRX was ready for it and abruptly changed lane too.

Online Chatter


Sounds legit.


Yes, both of them were driving recklessly. No argument about it.


Schooled by a WRX. Naise.


Very close. But, while most people would honk at cam car and calm their inner beast, the WRX driver went another way.


When you post a video as a victim, but people call you out as one of the culprits. That’s golden.


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Yawnz. The pot calling the kettle black.

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Car cam arshole 


change lane like his grandfather road

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