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We (try to) identify all 14 vehicles involved in the massive chain collision on the PIE

We (try to) identify all 14 vehicles involved in the massive chain collision on the PIE



Personally, I strictly employ the 2-second rule, especially during heavy (heavier) traffic and wet weather. 

The extra distance and time provided by the 2-second rule will be crucial for you to react accordingly when the car in front of you performs an abrupt brake.

Watch what happens when one doesn't leave a safe distance from the car ahead:

What Happened?

A total of 14 vehicles were involved in 3 clusters of accidents along lane 1 of the PIE, with two clusters being multiple chain collisions.

According to the dashcam footage, both the chain collisions seemed to have occurred just moments earlier. 

The first cluster

This was most likely the cause of the subsequent accidents. It involved 3 cars:

  • A Toyota Prius
  • A Toyota Vios
  • A Mazda CX-3

The second cluster

The most 'rabak' out of the three, involved a total of 8 cars and a mini-van.

The 8 cars consists of:

  • A Nissan Sylphy
  • A Hyundai Elantra
  • A Toyota Corolla Altis
  • A Toyota Wish
  • A Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class
  • A Mercedes-Benz C180
  • Two unidentifiable cars that were squashed against the concrete barrier

The final cluster

The dashcam footage captured the last accident or final cluster, which involved 2 cars:

  • A Honda Civic
  • An Audi TT

Unfortunately, despite being able to brake in time due to the ample safety distance ahead of him, the Honda Civic still got rear-ended pretty hard by the Audi TT.

The impact of the collision caused the Honda Civic to surge several metres ahead.

The 2-Second Rule

Could the 2-second rule taught to us in driving school prevent this series of accidents?

Possibly, if each driver practices this rule - Take a look at the Honda Civic that managed to stop in time with the 2-second rule employed by the driver. 

I am certain that with the 2-second rule, there would be fewer cars involved in the massive chain collision due to the added time and distance for each driver to react accordingly. 

Netizens' Comments


I hope this clears up the confusion on why the Honda Civic was flashing his high beam at the cam car.


I also wonder why🤔


Well, that escalated!



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14 extra COE for the next bidding? well done! 😁

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Van in lane 1??? Hmmm…

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On 5/28/2022 at 8:25 AM, BanCoe said:

Van in lane 1??? Hmmm…

Its a common sight these days🤷‍♂️

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14 hours ago, thatJDMahboy said:

Its a common sight these days🤷‍♂️

all the delivery companies grab whichever dick, tom and harry who wants to be a delivery driver and give them a van. They will make the best out of it...you know who they are 🤣

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Paid per trip hor.

Must drive fast fast lah!


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Please don't say if you were a PHV or FDR or van driver or Bluefilm SG driver you will drive safely.

If you really drive one of these you will really see how you will drive.

SH men all think they are perfect angels.

We SG ladies all know better!

Please don't bull sheet yourself!


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