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Toyota RAV4 sideswipes a Mercedes Benz C180 Coupe after changing lanes without checking its blind spots

Toyota RAV4 sideswipes a Mercedes Benz C180 Coupe after changing lanes without checking its blind spots



A RAV4 attempts a lane change without the tact of checking its blind spot and sideswipes a C180 Coupe.


It is unknown as to what extent were the damages for the Mercedes Benz but seeing as how both vehicles steered to the side of the road, I’m sure the drivers reached an amicable resolution to the matter.

Watch the video for yourself here 

Blindspot checking is a crucial component to driving given that it provides you with the visibility of spots that might not be able to be seen through your mirrors and helps to prevent the possibility of accidents like these. Therefore, driving tests include an addition of 4 demerit points if you fail to check your blind spot.

Clearly, this driver has forgotten the memo, resulting in this tragic incident.

Maybe he should take a refresher course. 

Online Comments


It seems as if Netizens have also risen to comment that the driver taking the video has also failed to abide by correct traffic regulations by not switching on his headlights at night. 


Pretty obvious.


Traffic rules should be strictly abided by, yes? no? maybe?

leave your take in the comments below!



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If this Mercedes Benz went back C&C for Repair,the Cost likely over $5,000.

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$5000? peanut lah. Someone driving a $150k Toyota can easily afford a $5k repair fee lah...🤣

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