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Two motorcyclists try to avoid the congestion but end up crashing into one another at the road shoulder

Two motorcyclists try to avoid the congestion but end up crashing into one another at the road shoulder



There's a Hokkien saying that goes like this: "kiang jiu ho, mai gei kiang", which simply means "Smart can already, don't try to be too smart".

And NGL, this statement is very true!

Watch what happens when two motorcyclists attempt their "smart" move to avoid congestion:

What Happened?

As usual, the Kallang–Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) was jammed up during the morning peak hour.

Among the many motorists caught in the jam were two particular motorcyclists who decided that they no longer had the patience to be caught up in a jam. 

One motorcyclist was riding along the shoulder of the KPE.

Meanwhile, the other motorcyclist cut his way through from lane 1 to the shoulder of the KPE. 

And yes, you guessed it right - They ended up colliding with each other on the expressway shoulder when the latter was switching lanes to the shoulder of the KPE. 


Netizens' Comments


During traffic jam means 'bo cheng hu' mah. 


Woah, this netizen here got no chill at all. 


Do you think this lesson will be enough for them not to ride on the road shoulder again?🤔


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It is their riding mentality. This kinda thing will not stop hppening.

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fish soup spilled? they deserve each other. should break a few bones to teach them a lesson. 😁

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