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Toyota Prius Taxi ignores the red light and almost wipes a whole family off their family tree

Toyota Prius Taxi ignores the red light and almost wipes a whole family off their family tree



A Toyota Prius ComfortDelGro Taxi blatantly bypasses and ignores the red light signal, almost crashing into the camcar that actually had the green light to head right. 

Watch the video for yourself below 

The license plate number of the taxi vehicle was thankfully taken note of, to hopefully bring the driver of this taxi to justice. 



The consequences of his carelessness could have had fatal consequences, and it is definitely no laughing matter. 

It’s even more embarrassing as a public hire taxi representing the company name of ComfortDelGro. 

Netizen Comments 

Criticism of the taxi driver was immediately raised by netizens on Facebook comments, often pointing out the driver as irresponsible and reckless, as well as urging them to file a traffic police report to get him to justice 




What do the rest think? Do you think the driver should suffer due justice for his actions?


Let us know your take in the comments below.



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Agreed,fet the Taxi Driver Off our Roads,already Red Light so long & did not notice it..

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Wah, the guy screaming is driver or passenger? :XD:


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Check his taxi to see how many smart devices around the taxi driver. One device for navigation, one for 4D/Toto, one for news, one for whatsapp, one for taking down accident cars vrn, etc. Where got time to look at redlight?

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