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Mitsubishi Lancer tailgates a car to evade car park fees at Ang Mo Kio

Mitsubishi Lancer tailgates a car to evade car park fees at Ang Mo Kio



Mitsubishi Lancer’s desire for a petty amount of car park fee evasion places both vehicles in an increased risk of a potential accident.

Vehicle tries to evade parking fees by tailgating the camcar vehicle at the car park exit. 

Pretty ridiculous act for a small car park fee, those who can’t afford to drive should just stay at home. 

Watch the video for yourself below


Tailgating is a dangerous habit of driving too closely to the vehicle in front. 

Though tailgating itself isn’t exactly considered illegal, there are however some instances where it could be classed as careless or reckless driving. 

Evasion of parking fees, however, are $25 for motorcycles, $50 for cars as well as $80 for heavy vehicles respectively.

Netizen Comments 

Netizens have criticized the driver for being a cheapskate as well as advising the driver to report the other party. 




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don't just post lah....email or call HDB car park. fine the cheapo 10 times more. 


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Fine? Will it work?

The trend now of ppl not paying fines or unable to pay are so common. 

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1 hour ago, Watwheels said:

Fine? Will it work?

The trend now of ppl not paying fines or unable to pay are so common. 

? unable to pay fine, but still own a car? not paying fines also ok?   what is fxxking wrong with our society?

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