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'Ah Seah Kia' takes daddy's BMW 523i out to race in KPE, gets jail, fine and suspension

'Ah Seah Kia' takes daddy's BMW 523i out to race in KPE, gets jail, fine and suspension



The story is that an ‘Ah Seah Kia’ used his dad’s BMW to race along the KPE and he got caught

For anyone wondering what an ‘Ah Seah Kia’ is, it essentially means a ‘rich man’s offspring’, often also referred to as 富二代 (fu er dai) .  In this story, it’s basically  a spoiled child using his daddy’s money for kicks on the highway

Watch the video for yourself below 

Too Fast, Too Furious

Caught speeding at 154km/h (almost twice the prescribed speed limit along the KPE), this rich man’s offspring was charged with jail time, a fine as well as a driving ban. 

But wait, there’s more!

That doesn’t seem to be the only law that he broke so far, apparently this video was caught during the Covid-19 circuit breaker back in 2020, where all of us were not allowed to leave our homes unless it was for essential purposes. 

For violating Covid-19 regulations as well as for driving in a dangerous manner under the Road Traffic Act, he was jailed for a week and fined $4000 on June 21. As part of his sentence, he was also suspended from holding or obtaining all classes of driving licenses for a period of 2 years.

Seems about right, this irresponsible behavior on the road could lead to potential fatal accidents. 


Perhaps his punishment should have been more severe, Netizens called for a harsher punishment that might properly discipline someone with access to ‘daddy’s money’. 




Its maximum sentence indicates that he could have been jailed for up to 18 months, fined up to $15,000 in total, and be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for life. 

I counted 10 other cars in the video! What happened to the rest?

Besides the BMW, a blue Nissan GTR was also caught on video speeding along the KPE with at least 9 other cars. 

In an effort to protect his wife upon discovering that video footage of his GTR speeding was posted online, Tan Choon Hwee took his car to the paint shop for it to be resprayed in yellow to evade suspicion. 

But justice was served when he pleaded guilty on March 11 to intentionally misleading the police and was jailed for a week.

There have been no further updates about the fate of his wife and the other drivers. 



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SG to mimic MONACO tunnel F1 sound ma ... song song gao jurong tampinese ... 

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2 minutes ago, Wt_know said:

SG to mimic MONACO tunnel F1 sound ma ... song song gao jurong tampinese ... 

Unless Novitec N-Largo, the rest Mai la

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Actually almost all cars can go fast and furious, it's just whether other drivers bother to "kaypoh" or not.😁

Let say the racing cars were Nissan Latio vs Toyota Axio vs Mitsubishi Attrage vs Honda City etc, i think they would not make it ... ... to the news or publicity.😁 

Might be the cars would not even make it to those speeds.😁

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True to the fact that is indeed a spoilt brat. Most of them do not know the value of money because they don't need to go through hardship to earn real money. Only knows how to enjoy and have fun using their daddy's money. 

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The Tg Pagar Beemer crash is history …….YOLO kids 

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16 hours ago, BanCoe said:

The Tg Pagar Beemer crash is history …….YOLO kids 

very soon, we will witness the next tg pagar. 😁

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