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Alamak! Motorcyclist hits wooden block on road and gets thrown off by impact

Alamak! Motorcyclist hits wooden block on road and gets thrown off by impact



Yesterday morning on the busy Seletar Expressway, a lone motorcyclist (and those around him) got the biggest shock of his life when he drove over a wooden block on the road.

Due to the impact with the object, he then lost control of his bike, swerving like 'siao' until he was tossed onto the floor, with a hard landing. Ouch!

As shown in the video, readers can see the obstacle was not that visible from far away.

The video can be seen here

The poor motorcyclist must have not seen it too, or he would have avoided it from the start.

1107324083_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.13d14b2b605bab9a9761a63fd6196226.pngAiyo, look at how the motorcycle and the rider were thrown onto the hard and painful road!

It was shared that the lorry behind him then slowed down, stopping to render assistance to the fallen rider. Heng! There are still some good Samaritans in the world.

Online reactions to the unfortunate incident were mixed, ranging from nasty:


To chiding:


As well as some kinder comments that expressed concern towards the motorcyclist:

This well-meaning commentator managed to sneak a pun in:


Steady la. Us Sinkie drivers may be a hot-tempered bunch, but we can still show empathy where it is due.

We hope the motorcyclist is well and heals quickly from his injuries. Stay safe on the roads everyone!



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While I feel for the biker, when the shoe (or should I say "riding boot") is on the other foot, they are often not only completely unsympathetic to other classes of road users, but actively gloating over their misfortunes. They have a 'pakat' or gang up mentality. And despite loudly proclaiming their vulnerability, they often insist on riding as if they're dominant and invulnerable, lane-splitting and what-not. In fact, this very accident wouldn't have happened without lane-splitting to undertake. 

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