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Rider smashes into Camcar in the midst of checking his blindspot

Rider smashes into Camcar in the midst of checking his blindspot



A motorcyclist was caught in a collision with the back of the camcar while in the middle of checking his blindspot.

Watch the video for yourself below


It is not known as to what injuries the cyclist has sustained, but let’s hope that he manages to recuperate fast from this incident. 

This video was sourced from Tiktok, and has surfaced on the Facebook page, ROADS.sg. 

It does not seem like any traffic laws were broken in the process of this incident and seems to just be an unfortunate accident incurred by the motorcyclist. 

Motorcyclists are definitely more prone to accidents on the road than closed vehicles like cars. Being less visible to other drivers, pedestrians as well as less stable than four-wheeled vehicles, it places them at an increased vulnerability to accidents. 

They are also required to be much more aware and alert regarding their surroundings and are more vulnerable to weather hazards and road conditions. 

Netizen Comments 

Netizens attempt to give their take on this unfortunate incident, both attributing blame and showing their concern



Let this be a lesson to treat road safety with the utmost importance and be wary of our surroundings on the highways.


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