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Singapore registered Toyota Voxy pisses off a Malaysian Van and gets rammed in the rear… hard

Singapore registered Toyota Voxy pisses off a Malaysian Van and gets rammed in the rear… hard



TL;DR – A Toyota Voxy with Singaporean plates plays the brake check game and blocks a Malaysian Van at the causeway checkpoint (Malaysian side) and ends up getting intentionally rammed in the rear.


It’s common sense to behave yourself when you’re in someone else’s territory.

But apparently, this Voxy driver did not get the memo.


The Story

According to the caption of the video, The Voxy was playing the braking game and blocking the Malaysian Van.


This then provoked the Van into reversing and intentionally accelerating into the rear of the Voxy.


Insurance How?

Some netizen raised the issue of claiming insurance from the Van.



They are not wrong.

Even if the accident happens on Singapore soil, it’s extremely difficult to claim insurance from a Malaysian vehicle.

Online Chatter


One does not go into a foreign country and display their ego. It won’t end well.




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play break game with our friend from the north? haha...they could have taken out the spanner and smash the idiot sg driver. Good luck claiming from them. 

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Just because locals don't have the balls to retaliate, does not mean others would follow suit.

Consider lucky never tio hoot. Lesson learnt.

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In front so clear why stop in the middle of the rd… have pea brains the driver 😂 

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pretty new voxy vs scrappable condition van, alamak still want to play play

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