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A couple in a Honda Vezel engage in some light foreplay while driving on the expressway

A couple in a Honda Vezel engage in some light foreplay while driving on the expressway



TL;DR – A couple in a Honda Vezel has been caught on video necking and kissing while driving on the road.


Couples need to do what couples need to do.

I certainly have no issue with couples kissing or showing public displays of affection out in the open.

But, if it poses as a potential road hazard and endangers other people, that’s where lines should be drawn.

Watch the 39-second video here:

I thought it was something else

Initially, I thought the silhouette on the left was a dog. LOL


It looked like a Shit Tzu or something 


Image: Wikipedia

But, upon closer inspection, turns out, it was a woman!


Remember what a certain someone said?

Remember that one minister who said “You need a very small space to have s#$”?


Image: Wikipedia

But this couple taking it way too far.

I mean, who does that? Kena accident how? Imagine what would you have to write on your accident report.


Online Chatter


Wah! That would be messed up.


15-minutes also cannot wait.



Why everyone assumes that the girl is not his wife or partner?


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The driver siam the bike lah. Can see the bike blake for no reason. He just overtook it. You all jealous because he get so many kisses.

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Got to be another filming scene on the road.

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cannot meh .... driver both hands on steering ... good practice ...

chibu can change gear ... but which gear stick [sly] 

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