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A group of Singaporean 'ah bengs' got themselves on Malaysia Police's wanted list for assaulting a local with a wrench

A group of Singaporean 'ah bengs' got themselves on Malaysia Police's wanted list for assaulting a local with a wrench



Since the border opening, there have been numerous incidents of Singaporeans misbehaving in Malaysia:

  1. Singaporean Volkswagen GTI driver enters a roundabout at full speed, hits a MPV and scoots off in Johor Bahru
  2. Mazda 5 driver from Singapore parks and hogs an entire single lane in JB, also gets caught driving on the road shoulder of an expressway

  3. BMW 523i driver comes out of his car and pees in public. Gets caught on CCTV

And who can forget the infamous 'Kia Cerato' lady who made international headlines?


Now, a group of Singaporean 'ah bengs' are wanted by Malaysian Police for investigation after allegedly assaulting a Malaysian man with a wrench.

Watch the confrontation between these Singaporean 'ah bengs' and a group of Malaysians here:

Here's what the video didn't show

Apparently, the three 'ah bengs' confronted a Malaysian man in his car after they had a misunderstanding in the entertainment venue they were in earlier.

According to the police report lodged by the victim, one 'ah beng' swung a wrench at him when he wound down his car's window, causing injuries to his nose and right eye. 


(In the video, an individual could be seen waving a wrench in his hand while making aggressive gestures.)

After realising their friend was in trouble, the victim's friends rushed to his aid.

Subsequently, the Singaporean 'ah bengs' scooted off in a white Lexus after the assault on the victim.


After completing their preliminary investigations, Malaysian Police are now looking for the 3 Singaporeans involved in the alleged assault case. 

Netizens' Comments


That's savage.


If this really happens, these three guys will be public enemy #1 because we won't have access to cheap(er) petrol anymore😪


Wah, that will be a plot twist!



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