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Toyota Noah driver lashes out at an elderly Toyota Hiace driver after they almost collide with each other FOUR TIMES

Toyota Noah driver lashes out at an elderly Toyota Hiace driver after they almost collide with each other FOUR TIMES



The first thing I would do when I spot a hazardous driver is to get FAR AWAY from them.

My reasons for doing so are:

(1) I am a defensive driver

(2) I love my car

However, for this Toyota Noah driver, he does the exact opposite of what I would do:

What Happened?

An elderly Toyota Hiace driver woke up on a fine morning and decided to be a d!ck on the road by cutting off a Toyota Noah at a junction upon the traffic light turning green. (1 count of near collision)

In response, the Noah driver tapped on his brakes repeatedly and even jam-braked at one point to avoid a collision with the van.

At this point, the Noah driver was probably seeing red as he began driving aggressively, including overtaking the Hiace using a right-turn-only lane.


Further down the road, both vehicles drove side by side (probably exchanging hand gestures and vulgarities) when the elderly Hiace driver decided to pull his stunt AGAIN - by cutting in front of the Noah driver once again. (2 counts of near collision)

The obviously furious Toyota Noah driver retaliated by overtaking the Hiace from the left and cutting in front of it. (3 Counts of near collision)

ANDDDDD....the Hiace performed exactly what the Noah driver did to him - by overtaking from the left and cutting in front of the Noah driver. (4 Counts of near collision)

At last, both drivers' shenanigans ended when they stopped at a red light.

However, the Toyota Noah driver alighted from his vehicle, walked brazenly towards the driver's side window of the Hiace, and gave it one good smack, jolting the elderly driver. 


The Noah driver made a rude hand gesture towards the elderly driver before returning to his MPV.

Too old to drive? Or is he simply an elderly d-bag?

Whatever it is, this elderly driver should have his driver's license revoked for two simple reasons:

(1) Assuming his actions were unintentional...it suggests that he is unfit to drive due to his age (Eg. Poor eyesight, hand-eye coordination, or a lapse in judgement).

(2) Assuming his actions were intentional...nuff said. 

Netizens' Comments


The comment we needed👆


This is what happens when you are old, but stubborn af and insist on driving.


IMO, he's lucky to walk away with only a smack on his window and a rude hand gesture.



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if too old and can't drive, please scrap the car and contribute back to the COE pools. Don't SIA SUAY!

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