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BBQ le: Honda Vezel rear-ends a motorcycle after failing to pay attention while checking for oncoming traffic

BBQ le: Honda Vezel rear-ends a motorcycle after failing to pay attention while checking for oncoming traffic



"Wan le wan le wan le, BBQ le" is the most recent trend on social media - Heard of it yet?

If you haven't, watch it here:

What Happened?

While turning out to the main road along Horne road, a Honda Vezel driver failed to stop at a stop-line and rear-ends a motorcycle in front of him.

Instead of paying attention and keeping a lookout for traffic in front of him, the Honda driver decided it was a good idea to check for oncoming traffic, despite the presence of a motorcycle in front of him. 

As a result, the Honda driver accelerated before the motorcycle in front of him moved off and rear-ended it in the process.


After getting rear-ended by the Honda Vezel, the motorcyclist lost his footing and almost fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, his pillion fell straight to the ground and landed on his back. 

Based on his gestures, the motorcyclist seemed so done with the Honda Vezel driver for committing such a silly mistake, which resulted in the accident. 


Thankfully, the motorcyclist and his pillion did not seem to be injured.

Netizens' Comments


There really isn't a way to please everyone😩




Checking for oncoming traffic before the vehicle in front moves off is definitely something most drivers are guilty of.



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this will happen and on a regular basis. PHV is fundamentally wrong idea. The driver has to look at the screen when driving because of all the incoming job and other message. How to keep their eyes on the road and handphone screen at same time? Policy maker knows about this and choose to ignore.  Job well done indeed. in the meantime, the public life is in danger! Pui!

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