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A fiesty old lady 'explodes' at cam car for trying to squeeze past her Toyota Yaris Cross at the MBS lobby

A fiesty old lady 'explodes' at cam car for trying to squeeze past her Toyota Yaris Cross at the MBS lobby



NGL, no one likes it when another driver attempts to squeeze past your parked car for fear of getting damaged.

However, it is a whole different story if you "parked" your car like an inconsiderate driver like this elderly woman:

What Happened?

An elderly lady decided to park her Toyota Yaris Cross aCROSS two lanes at the pickup/drop-off point of Marina Bay Sands.


After that, she opens her car door and proceeds to alight from the SUV.

Just then, the cam car driver that approached from behind attempted to squeeze past her Toyota SUV and a stationary Lexus.

And for some reason, the elderly lady 'explodes' at the cam car by shouting and gesturing at him to stop sternly. 

She subsequently reached out for her footwear and seemed like she was gonna use it to smack the cam car.

But it turns out she bent down to pick up her mask that fell on the ground when she opened her car door LOL. 

TBH, considering that she parked her car at a pickup/drop-off point and across two lanes, does she need to be so aggressive towards another motorist trying to navigate his way around the inconvenience she caused?

Netizens' Comments


OOF. Shots fired!


She really parked her car + open her car door as if MBS is owned by her.


That makes the both of us LOL.



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total disgrace.... she didn't have a good family upbring and hope she is not teaching anyone what manner is. So old still behave like that. 

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Former school discipline mistress? Or is she a dominatrix? Got see any black leather or not?

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