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A Mercedes-Benz CLS63 driver flashes a big fat middle finger for everyone to see even after almost causing an accident

A Mercedes-Benz CLS63 driver flashes a big fat middle finger for everyone to see even after almost causing an accident



Why sports/performance cars are called sports/performance cars is pretty self-explanatory — they are either fast on a straight line or possess superb handling abilities.

And these cars are pretty impressive...until a d0uchebag driver gets behind the wheel of one of these cars.

Watch it here:

What Happened?

The driver of a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 thought it was a good idea to cut into the path of a heavy vehicle while joining into the main road.

And he did so by literally "crawling" into the truck's path. 

As the German coupe was in the truck's blindspot, the truck almost t-boned the coupe if not for the kind cam car driver who intervened by alerting the truck driver with a honk.

Immediately after hearing the honk, the truck driver slammed onto his brakes, came to an abrupt halt, and avoided colliding with the CLS63 by inches.


The Middle Finger

It was apparent that the Mercedes knew what he did was wrong and decided to test his luck by entering the main road despite oncoming traffic. 

After the cam car sounded his honk, the Mercedes coupe stopped in the middle of the road and pointed a big fat middle finger out his driver's side window. 


NGL, that's a unique way of "thanking" someone🥴

Netizens' Comments




Yes, not all honks are aggressive/bad. Sometimes it's just a friendly honk or a honk to warn you/others of the surrounding. 


Yessir, the cam car driver definitely dropped this 👑


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Such people if doesn't even feel a hint if thankfulness or appreciation when people indirectly helped him avoided a disaster, but instead show rudeness. It is just a matter of time the cycle of disaster repeats and get him eventually.

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Cam car kaypoh. Horn for what?

Let the middle finger guy get what he deserves lah.


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must be having depression guy from a very good family cum highly educated 🙈🙉🙊

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The red prime mover should have moved faster which would have saved the cam car's horn.🤐

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