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Cam car driver becomes 'buey song' with a cyclist for safely guiding his family through a zebra-crossing

Cam car driver becomes 'buey song' with a cyclist for safely guiding his family through a zebra-crossing



It doesn't matter if you are a motorist, a pedestrian or a cyclist - road safety is of paramount importance and should be instilled in us from a young age. 

NGL, I felt very heartened after witnessing what this father did for his family to ensure their safety:

 What Happened?

A father stopped his bicycle to "block" oncoming traffic so that his family could cross the zebra crossing safely. 

However, the cam car driver he blocked wasn't too happy with his thoughtful act towards his family and decided to upload this video to social media and publicise his act. 

A Responsible Parent

That's what I think.

I would say it is entirely fair for the father to do what he did to safeguard his family's safety. 

Furthermore, that's a zebra-crossing.

So regardless, any car would have to stop for the family to cross the zebra crossing. 

However, some netizens are saying that the cyclist ought to have thanked the cam car driver for making him wait at the zebra-crossing:


Here's my take - whether or not, the father decides to gesture a "thank you" to the cam car driver is his prerogative.

Netizens' Comments


Are we reading too much into it?😩


Nuff said.





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Why drive so fast when nearing the zebra crossing? The cyclist of course not happy lo.

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4 hours ago, Watwheels said:

Why drive so fast when nearing the zebra crossing? The cyclist of course not happy lo.

Exactly lor. Any normal person will be buey song.

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On 9/2/2022 at 12:19 PM, Watwheels said:

Why drive so fast when nearing the zebra crossing? The cyclist of course not happy lo.

Drive fast? I don't see leh. 

...I feel the cyclist entitled attitude.

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Everybody knows zebra crossing is for cars to go and pedestrians to stop for cars.

That's why they paint the white lines and have the two lemon lollipops.


My fren say one.

He drives a BMW.

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I don't understand..... dismount and push bicycle across the crossing is the right thing to do.

It's those jokers who ride fast and cycle across the crossing that are the dangerous ones.

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