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BMW iX electric driver uses taxpayers’ money to charge his (almost) half-a-million dollar car

BMW iX electric driver uses taxpayers’ money to charge his (almost) half-a-million dollar car



TL;DR - An owner of a BMW iX Electric gets caught charging his $460,000+ car at a public power outlet.


I pay taxes. You pay taxes. We all pay taxes. But, when you see $hit like this, you can’t help but get angry at where some of our taxpayers’ money goes to.

Watch the video here to see if it infuriates you as well:

How much is the car?


A quick search on Sgcarmart revealed that this car is the more expensive variant and costs a  whopping $460,888!


How expensive does it cost to charge a car?

As I’m not an owner of an EV, I just did a quick Google search and turns out, it’s really cheap to charge!


So why would the owner of an expensive car choose to do this?

Let’s see what netizens think shall we?

Online Chatter


COE is quite insane at the moment.


Sounds dangerous. Insurance does not cover stupidity after all.




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