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Car pulls into Jaguar dealership with a trail of billowing white smoke in its wake

Car pulls into Jaguar dealership with a trail of billowing white smoke in its wake



Ever seen a car with a big plume of white smoke in its wake? Guess you are going to now!

Passers-by who happened to be in the vicinity of the local Jaguar dealership were treated to the amazing sight of a trail of billowing smoke from a black car that peeled into the premises. Watch the video here:

That's crazy! Talk about smoking!

At the start the car's smoking trail was already quite a sight to behold.


But then, the height of the smoke trail just kept growing, and growing... till it covered a good portion of the dealership front!


The smoke was slowly dissipating in the wake of the car's departure, lending to its mysterious getaway not unlike a scene from a James Bond movie... We wonder if the car was rushing in for a refund! Just kidding.

The Scientific Explanation

We don't see this everyday--- so why do such phenomena occur?

One of the reasons we found was that coolant could have gotten into the car's combustion chambers, thereby causing the appearance of the white smoke.


In some cases, it could also be that the driver used the wrong fuel for his car (very dangerous) or that there was high friction from the tyres, generating the white smoke.

Jokes of the day

As expected, netizens made us chuckle with their witty takes on this unusual occurrence.

LOL! It really does remind us of the fumigation sessions at the grass patches!


Hmm, maybe it was Jaguar who opted for a new in-house service instead!


Another netizen remarked that it looked like the dry ice trail from the Swensen's ice cream... We won't disagree...


The food comments are making us really hungry, lol!

Not an everyday sighting

While it was an interesting sight, we hope the driver of the car gets his vehicle checked out for good as generating this amount of smoke often could be harmful to the environment and pedestrians around him.



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Recommended Comments

Same thing happened to my Legacy, years ago.......... a small coolant hose in the engine bay cracked and sprung a leak, dripping onto the exhaust.

I didn't notice for quite a distance as all the smoke was getting sucked out along the underside of the car.

Once I did spot it as a haze in my mirror, pulled over to find a thin film of oily slime over the underside and rear. Every surface needed a power wash. 😇

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