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3 Clowns risk their lives by tailgating a freight truck on West Coast Highway to gain 'enhanced aerodynamics'

3 Clowns risk their lives by tailgating a freight truck on West Coast Highway to gain 'enhanced aerodynamics'



Cyclists are a menace on our roads and will continue to be one. Nuff said.

It is almost impossible for cyclists and motorists to co-exist and share our roads safely.

Here's why:

What Happened?

3 Clowns clad in their spandex cycling attire decided to tailgate and draft behind a freight truck to reduce their drag and achieve enhanced aerodynamics on West Coast Highway.

Yes, you read that right - BEHIND A FREIGHT TRUCK.

And not that it changes anything, but the three cyclists were cycling in lane two instead of keeping to the left-most lane LOL.

To be frank, it doesn't seem very dangerous...until the truck has to perform an e-brake for some reason.

That's when matters will take a turn for the worse.

There is an exceptionally high chance that the cyclists would rear-end the truck, either because of:

1) their inability to react in time due to the mere 1-second distance away from the truck; and/or

2) the bicycle's braking capability.

Netizens' Comments


Wear helmet already really cannot think one. #Truestory


Not surprised if they do this LOL.


Couldn't agree more!



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So many TP officers positioning on overhead bridges and building rooftops and hiding behind bushes trying their luck in lasing speeding vehicles and when come to catching and exterminating road bugs they just shrugged and asked: "So!? What do you all want us to do? And what can we do?" ://

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In the end, it is the individual discipline and morals that matters. Pity the officials that we have a bunch of self-entitled people that every now and then pollute the road and expect officials to create rule to an otherwise simple situation. 

If people are more considerate and thoughtful, our society would be such a better place together. But we are not heading in that direction sadly. Life's too good really.

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To be frank. If anything happens least it is going to be painless and quick end. 

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Please don't criticise them lah.

Its only a matter of time.

Lorry jam brake and problem solved.


I can honestly say I rather the 3 clowns ride behind the lorry

than ride in front of me.

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I will only criticise the 3 clowns if they ride in front of me.

and never if they ride behind a lorry.



Please don't anyhow criticise people.


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They are very happy that the lorry driver cannot see them.

There will be situations when the lorry has to apply emergency brakes. They would not be seen forever.

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