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Toyota Vios driver ‘sabos’ a motorcyclist when attempting to turn right with an obstructed view

Toyota Vios driver ‘sabos’ a motorcyclist when attempting to turn right with an obstructed view



TL;DR – A Toyota Vios gets smashed by a motorbike at an uncontrolled junction while attempting to turn right when there was another vehicle impeding its view.


Back in your army days, if you had a platoon mate like this Vios driver, you probably would have ‘blanket party’ him for being a ‘sabo-king’.


Sabo – Causing trouble for others by your actions. Also short-form for the word sabotage.

Watch the 42-second video to understand why.

What happened?

According to the caption of the video, this incident occurred in Clementi Ave 2, at 5pm+ yesterday.

A motorcyclist overtakes cam car and accelerates ahead only to go head-to-head with a Toyota Vios attempting to make a right turn at the junction.


Use your brain

If there’s another vehicle obstructing your view, inch forward to see if there’s any oncoming traffic like normal people maybe?


Who in the world ‘cheongs’ without looking?

Damages look bad


Damages to the motorbike aside, the Vios looks like it got banged up pretty badly too.

Good luck with the insurance claims.

Online Chatter


Whoever thinks the motorcyclist is at fault, is blind.


Hmm. Interesting.


Yeah! What this person said!


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This is like a road junction where the traffic light is out of order. Free for all. In basic/advance theory we know who has the right of way and who go first in the form of drawings. In the real world like this case the motorbike has a "I dont brake" mentality, everything you learn from the book goes out the window.

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