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Citroen MPV collides into road work barriers and gives motorcyclist the scare of his life at Alexandra

Citroen MPV collides into road work barriers and gives motorcyclist the scare of his life at Alexandra



Road works are becoming more of a common occurrence on our roads. This calls for drivers to be more aware of their surroundings, since the road barriers usually cut into a lane, making lanes narrower. Watch this video to find out what happens when a driver lacks such awareness when driving. 


Watch the video of the dramatic accident here:

A Citroen MPV was unaware of the road barriers which were set up on Alexandra Road. The driver then proceeded to ram the barriers at a rather high speed, causing a rather violent 'explosion' of barriers.

Worst still, the driver nearly smashed into construction workers who were standing nearby, almost causing a fatality.  


The dislodged barriers also nearly caused a passing motorcyclist an accident. Luckily, he was quick enough to jam brake, saving him crashing into the barrier. 


Turns out to be that the the motorcyclist was a really top dude, rushing over to the driver of the Citroen MPV to check if he was alright after tending to his own bike. 


In a rare moment of positivity on social media, especially on road accident pages, netizens also praised the motorcyclist for checking on the Citroen driver despite his own mishap.


Another netizen however, pointed out that the driver of the Citroen might have been distracted by his phone. Please be reminded that using a phone while driving may cause you imprisonment of up to 6 months, a fine of up to $1,000 or both, if found guilty.

If anything, let this video be a reminder to all that road conditions do change, and that however familiar we are of certain roads, it is unwise to be complacent or distracted when driving at all times. 


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Construction workers must have got a shock of their lives too , apart from biker 

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A few of these road works and tree pruning operations are poorly managed in terms of placing the barriers. Worse are those just setting up, suka suka slow down, start-stop their lorries with the blinking arrow signboards.

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girl friend sent him a message and he can't get his eyes off... that is reality of driving in Singapore. everyone is driving and playing with hp at same time. no one bothers to manage it.. 😂

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