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Yet another BMW driver with a ‘dgaf’ attitude almost hits schoolchildren at a pedestrian crossing

Yet another BMW driver with a ‘dgaf’ attitude almost hits schoolchildren at a pedestrian crossing



TL;DR – BMW 216I nearly hits school children at a pedestrian crossing in a school zone after blatantly ignoring two traffic marshals.


A 14-year-old boy whom a BMW had hit in Punggol passed away yesterday after 3-weeks in hospital.

You would think some people would be more careful on the roads after such a tragedy.

Not this driver (coincidentally, the culprit in question drives a BMW 216I).

Watch this 50-second video to understand why some people are fuming mad with this driver

What happened

Everything you need to see occurs in the first 8-seconds of the video.


There are not one but TWO traffic marshals on either side of the pedestrian crossing. They raise their hands (and blinky light thingy) to stop oncoming traffic as a couple of Bukit Timah Primary school kids attempt to cross the road.


But the BMW driver doesn’t give a rat’s @%#.

It just charges forward without hesitation.


Here’s a gif (just in case)

In case you missed out on the moment and you’re lazy to scroll back, here’s a gif!


Online Chatter

You can be certain that no one was kind to the BMW in the comments section.





Why are they like that ah?




Idiots. Idiots everywhere!



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don't be like that lah....car so expensive here. If I buy a BXX and drive like a japan car, how to feel the privilege? got money must stand out....

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