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Honda Fit casually drives against traffic and makes an illegal U-turn in absolute ‘bo-chup-ness’

Honda Fit casually drives against traffic and makes an illegal U-turn in absolute ‘bo-chup-ness’



TL;DR – A Honda Fit turns right onto oncoming traffic and casually makes an illegal U-turn straight after.


It’s not every day you get to see a small hatchback like a Honda Fit make a super-wide U-turn.

How wide, you ask?

Like driving against oncoming traffic before making an illegal U-turn kind of wide.

Watch the 31-second video to find out what I mean.

What happened

It all begins at a discretionary right turn at a cross junction, location unidentifiable (if you know where this is, do let me know in the comments section below).

A Honda Fit makes the turn but accidentally turns into oncoming traffic.


While most drivers would hit that panic button at this point, this Fit driver calmly makes an illegal U-turn, cool as a cucumber.


A very expensive u-turn

As noted in the caption of the post in Roads.SG's Facebook page:


The penalty for driving or riding against the flow of traffic is 6 demerit points and a fine of $200; for making an unauthorised u-turn the fine is $100.

But there are some other considerations as well:

Driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users – 9 demerit points and $300 fine

Reckless or dangerous driving – 24 demerit points and prosecution in court

Personally, it feels like an accident, and the driver made a calm and composed decision to rectify the mistake as soon as it was safe to do so.


But as always, let’s see what netizens think.

Online Chatter


Hmm. Doesn’t seem like it though.



That's quite funny.


Is this comment targeted at the driver, or the comments flaming the driver? I'm confused.



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Ok.....He made a wrong entry onto the wrong direction....but I think he suddenly realised his mistake and so quickly U-turned into the slip road to exit. 👍

Too bad the process was captured by kaypoh camcar driver. 😅😅😅

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