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Red Transcab Prius terrorises school zone by cutting into oncoming traffic lane

Red Transcab Prius terrorises school zone by cutting into oncoming traffic lane



Is encountering slower drivers on the road an excuse to do a dangerous overtake? Watch this video and decide for yourself.


Watch as the incident unfolds just outside of a school:

In the video, we can see that the Transcab Prius is attempting to do an overtake, using the lane with potential oncoming traffic.


Super dangerous move. If there actually was oncoming traffic, the head-on collision would certainly have a high chance of fatality, especially considering the speeds that the taxi driver is travelling at. 


The taxi driver finally overtakes successfully. But at what cost? Crossing a continuous white line could potentially net the taxi driver demerit points. Is it really wise to save that few seconds for demerit points, that can cause a taxi driver his rice bowl? Probably not. 


We meet angry netizens again. This time, one of them says that it would be better to have his license revoked. Looking at the circumstances, we would be inclined to agree.


Yet another angry netizen. But this time he takes the side of the taxi driver, saying that the camcar is road hogging. He even gains the support of 26 other netizens with the number of likes and reacts. Despite the overwhelming support this commenter got, we still believe that the taxi driver's actions was not warranted, especially when it was a in a school zone. In fact not only a school zone, but a school with students with special needs. This just makes the whole situation more dangerous to everyone.


So it seems that this case divides opinion. Regardless of what your opinion is of the situation, we advise the utmost caution when driving near school zones, and to be alert for any students whop may be playing near or even on the road. 


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I think the sentence by the netizen calling the camcar road hogging is unwarranted. The camcar is most probably a van or minibus. And school zone speed limit is 40km/h. How fast does one expect vehicle to travel in school zone? We don't want another fatal school student crashed by speeding car case. 😕

Go slow won't die; go fast may die.

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