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Driver staying at Sixth Avenue complains about Renault Kadjar blocking the gate to the house and gets immediate backlash

Driver staying at Sixth Avenue complains about Renault Kadjar blocking the gate to the house and gets immediate backlash



TL;DR – A driver residing along Sixth Avenue took to social media to complain about a Renault Kadjar obstructing the entrance to the house. Netizens wasted no time sending in their two cents worth, with a vast majority ridiculing the one who made the complaint.


Cons of living in a landed property?

If you have the privilege of living on a landed property, perhaps you might have encountered situations like the events of this story.


Here are some images extracted from the post.


At this angle, it seems like quite a tight fit.


But at this angle, it looks like more than ample space for a car to fit in, no?

And how much patience does this person have? To wait outside for 30-minutes?

If it were me, I would have honked that horn like a baker kneading dough.


Was it really because of the world cup?

This incident happened on 10 December 2022 at 1.25am.

If you’ve followed the Qatar World Cup as diligently as I have, you’ll know that Croatia played against Brazil on 9 December 2022 at 11pm.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, and Brazil got knocked out of the quarterfinals by penalties.


The hypothesis checks out!

Online Chatter

Netizens were unsympathetic to the complaints of the ‘victim’ though.






I don't know about you, but like i mentioned above, I would have honked and not sat there patiently waiting while my petrol runs out. But, then again, I don't stay at Sixth Avenue. Maybe things are different there. 


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The comments seem to be green eyed monster, jealous of landed properties stayers? 

1) regardless of how much or narrow the space those commentators feel they can still drive  through, it is inconsiderate for the idiot Renault to have the car partially blocking people gate! this is social ethical behaviour.

2) 130am in the morning Leh, asking people to honk or shout summon here are also so inconsiderate ! This show the civil mind the sixth ave guy have, rather wait then disturb his neighbours compare to the commenters mindset!  130am is already quite for HDB estate let alone a low density landed properties area.

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I am amazed by the reactions of netizens, what honking lah, what still got space cannot drive through? I agree with the comment made by D3badge. Honked in the morning of 130am? How many people are you going to disturb? How do you feel if it is your driveway getting partially blocked off by someone else? All talk easy because talking is just cheap until you get to experience it yourself then you know how it feels.

Why mostly attacked the driver who is just trying to enter his driveway which is partially blocked by some inconsiderate, self entitled idiot? If Renault owner have that bit of consideration OR even basic manners, he would have left his contact number on a piece of paper stuck to his windscreen OR knowing that he is blocking partially the driveway of someone's else home, he should not have parked like this. This would all have been prevented, isn't it if the Renault driver is being more considerate?

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