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Speeding lorry goes against traffic to overtake slower vehicles on a single lane

Speeding lorry goes against traffic to overtake slower vehicles on a single lane



TL;DR - A lorry was seen going against traffic to overtake slower vehicles on a single lane. The driver then squeezes his way back onto its lane when the driver realises that there's oncoming traffic. 

Patience is a virtue.

As responsible road users, we should always keep safety at the top of our minds.

This lorry driver definitely did not. 

Watch this 44-second video to see why.

What happened? 

A speeding lorry veered onto the path of oncoming traffic in an attempt to overtake slower vehicles in front.

Needless to say, this reckless maneuver almost caused an accident with the cam car.

The lorry driver then casually proceeds to swerve back into its lane without giving a hoot about the cam car. or the car in its rear. 


Let's hear from the netizens:


Rouge style driving indeed.

Seems like netizens are expressing their anger at the lorry driver, as any normal law-abiding citizen should.


Please stay safe on the road, your families are waiting for you to celebrate many more new years together!



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