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A taxi and a Toyota Corolla Altis travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only one gets caught by the Malaysian police?

A taxi and a Toyota Corolla Altis travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only one gets caught by the Malaysian police?



TL:DR – A Singaporean-registered Altis and a Trans cab travel on the fast lane of the causeway, but only the Altis gets apprehended by the Malaysian police.


There are no shortcuts in life.

Likewise, in recent times, there have been no shortcuts on the causeway.

If you’re sick and tired of waiting in the queue, you can always try your luck on the fast lane. You might get away with it, and you might not.

Just like these two vehicles in the 43-second video below.

What happened?


A Trans Cab followed by a red Altis cuts into the car lane from the fast lane of the causeway.


The Trans cab successfully merges into the queue, whereas the Altis did not have much luck as three officers eventually surrounded it.


Unspoken rule

I was very curious as to how the Taxi managed to evade capture.

Some of my colleagues mentioned that public transport (buses and taxis) could travel on the fast lane.

I even saw some comments that supported this claim.


I tried to search online for material that could further support this hypothesis, but I found myself hitting dead ends.

No official document from any authoritative body states that taxis are allowed to use the fast lane.


So, I’m still stuck with my question of “HOW?”

Maybe the comments section can enlighten me.

Online Chatter





It looks like netizens are as confused as I am. What is a lucky escape? Or a ‘close one eye’ situation for taxis?



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Click bait header... Everyone assume taxi driver will less likely have more money than private car driver to pay summon or bribe..so it is not to judge their judgement call whether  they are in good heart (to let less fortunate escape) or greedy (to expect bigger coffee money) [angel]

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Aiyah its very simple why only one got caught.

You ever go fishing?

Did you catch ALL the fish?


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