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Punch also cannot wake up: Driver 'dozes off' on the road

Punch also cannot wake up: Driver 'dozes off' on the road



TL;DR - A passerby punched and slapped a driver who presumably fell asleep behind the wheel. 

This is what happens when the Z monsters creep up on you while you’re on the road. 

Watch this 54-second video of a lady who knocked out in her car and got whacked awake by a passerby. 

So what happened?

A female driver was found sleeping in her Honda Vezel at the roadside in Hougang. A male passerby then came over to her car and attempted to wake her up, but to no avail.

He continued by punching and slapping her arm, before she woke up. 


Perhaps he was just afraid that she might have passed out, or passed away…? 

Online Chatter: 


The netizens were clearly not having it, saying that the man should not have used violence on her, especially so when she’s a female.



Regardless of how comfy your car seat may be, please don’t KO on the road! It is extremely dangerous to sleep in the car, especially with the A/C on. 


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Hope he kenna charge for assaulting a defenceless woman.


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"...It is extremely dangerous to sleep in the car, especially with the A/C on..."

If the air flow switched to external air intake mode instead of recirculation mode is it still dangerous?

I thought nowadays even if aircon mode is in recirculation mode, the valve will open once every few minutes to let in fresh air to minimise carbon dioxide build up?

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