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Van driver loses control and tokyo drifts into a double decker bus on the expressway

Van driver loses control and tokyo drifts into a double decker bus on the expressway



TL;DR - A van slammed into a double decker bus on the expressway on a wet wet night. The vehicle skidded from the first to the third lane and got T-boned by an oncoming double-decker bus. 

At its most basic, a 'drift' is movement of a car along some direction other than its steered trajectory, involving a slip angle at one or both axles.

Watch this 44-second clip to see how the van swerved from lane 1 to lane 3.

What happened? 

Rainy weather usually sees more accidents due to the roads being slippery and vehicles can skid a lot easier. 

The van driver was speeding on lane 1 when s/he lost control of the vehicle and skidded, crashing into a double decker SBS Transit bus. 

It doesn’t take much IQ to know that rain = wet = slippery = dangerous. 

The van driver could’ve caused the lives of many, especially if there were commuters on the bus. 

Online Chatter 


Why is the van even on lane 1 a.k.a the fast lane when the other lanes are pretty clear?

Perhaps s/he would’ve gotten less hate if it was on lane 2 since such vehicles have a road speed limit of 70km/h. 

And FYI, 70km/h is not meant to be on the fast lane! 


Tips for all drivers 

If it is raining cats and dogs, it is important to slow down, use your wipers and keep to the middle lane - side lanes always experience the most water splash!

Oh, also make sure your car is in good condition to weather the storm - make sure your tires are not ‘botak’!



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