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Self entitled female Karen parks her Harrier on a double yellow, blocks cars from exiting car park at Clementi

Self entitled female Karen parks her Harrier on a double yellow, blocks cars from exiting car park at Clementi



TL;DR - This female Harrier driver double parked her car to go shopping at Clementi’s Sheng Siong supermarket, got unhappy when being called out. 

If you didn't already know, the popular term ‘Karen’ is used to describe an entitled and obnoxious middle-aged woman.

This lady definitely hopped into the Year of the Rabbit as one. 

Watch this 41-second clip to see what I mean.

What happened? 

This driver decided to park beside a row of vehicles already parked parallel to the curb, to go CNY shopping at Sheng Siong, blocking other cars from exiting the car park. 

When confronted, she was unapologetic and even said “I park here all the time, I can do whatever I want. You are not the police.” 

She then continued on with “It's Chinese New Year!” 

Not too sure what the link is but ok… 

Online Chatter


I guess in her terms, Chinese New Year is the season to get a free pass of double parking…



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