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Malaysian officer at JB checkpoint gets some easy money from drivers who like to take shortcuts

Malaysian officer at JB checkpoint gets some easy money from drivers who like to take shortcuts



TL;DR – A video uploaded on SGRV shows a Malaysian traffic enforcer casually strolling along the long queue of cars at the JB checkpoint and collecting what looks like money from cars travelling on the motorcycle lane. Now, that's easy money!

We all like to take shortcuts now and then. I'm guilty of it myself occasionally.

There are some shortcuts in life one should never take.

This is one of them. OR IS IT?

Watch the 42-second video and make that decision for yourself.

What happened?


If you can't see, the empty left lane is for motorcycles.

The right lane is obviously for cars.


Along comes a car travelling on the motorcycle lane. Uh oh!


The officer walks up to the vehicle's window, sticks his hand in, takes something and goes on his merry way.

No words needed. Their relationship transcends the spoken word. 


He does the same thing with another car, and we can have a closer look at what's being passed to him.


Looks like money, doesn't it?

Online Chatter


Really meh?


What tf did I just read?


EZPZ money


If 50RM like worth it leh? No meh?


Just some calculations


Let's say if it was 50 RM. Paying a 15 SGD fine is okay to skip the queue, no?

Even if it's 100 RM, that's like 30 bucks to escape a long wait time.



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Might be he was asking for tissue papers to go toilet.

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