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Toyota Hiace tries to outrun a TP motorcycle in a rare high-speed chase in Singapore

Toyota Hiace tries to outrun a TP motorcycle in a rare high-speed chase in Singapore



TL;DR - A Toyota Hiace with illegal modifications refused to stop and even sped off from the Traffic Police. 

[UPDATE 15/02/23, Wednesday] - Mission to escape the traffic police failed as the Toyota Hiace was found abandoned in one of the multi-storey car parks in Yishun. 

MIA driver though. 

Watch these two videos fresh out the oven of the great escapade by the van driver. 

Part 2


Part 3

After beating the red light, speeding against the traffic and fleeing from the police, the van was finally found stranded in a MSCP. 


In the movies, high-speed police chases are often thrilling and sometimes explosive, but on the streets of Singapore it is a different story.

Want to be fast and furious, at least not with a van lah…  

Watch this 36-second video to see just how fast this van accelerated to evade the traffic police. 

What happened? 

A Toyota Hiace was caught zooming across the not-so-empty road in Yishun, with a traffic police chasing closely from behind. 

Rumors have it that the van was carrying drugs, which caused his fight-or-flight response to bolt off. 

Surely something’s sus about the van driver, be it the illegal modifications of his van, carrying drugs or whatnot. No matter what, he is definitely getting charged for traffic violations - it is against the law to elude any authorized (police) officer. 

Online Chatter 


Even a Ferrari cannot outdrive Singapore’s traffic police, did this van driver really think he had a chance?

Bo beh zao man... 



Never think you can outwin the SPF. Be a safe driver, do the right things and you won’t fear seeing the law enforcers. 


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Don't carry anything illegal in an illegally modified van.

If TP stops you it might not be for the contraband

but the illegal mods lah.

Don't panic and don't run!


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He did in fact outrun the TP bike by going against the traffic. Who says sgporeans do not think outside the box? Dont take initiative?

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