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BMW X6 loses control and takes out road signs before smashing into a building (and possibly a pedestrian) at Jalan Besar

BMW X6 loses control and takes out road signs before smashing into a building (and possibly a pedestrian) at Jalan Besar



TL;DR - Double whammy as a BMW X6 crashes into building before taking out nearby pedestrians at Jalan Besar

At this point, it’s not safe to be anywhere. Even on pavements, there’s a risk that a pedestrian gets hit by vehicles.

Here's an example. 

Watch this 89-second clip of the crash. 

What happened?

The driver of the BMW X6 lost control of the car and went head on into the building (right beside Hotel 81…) at Jalan Besar. 

He also took out the Mayo Street road sign. Hello LTA?

If you look closely enough (at the first three seconds), there was a male pedestrian wearing white who seemed like he got caught in between as the car literally rammed towards his direction. Hope he’s okay...

Online Chatter


The comments were pretty brutal, everyone seems to be putting the blame on the driver.

Which makes sense but of course, we shouldn’t be too quick to judge since we do not know the full story. 

He seemed fine (and weirdly calm) though since he was able to get out of the car without assistance and strolled to the other side. 


Some sharp-eyed netizens noticed the striking white and blue Hotel 81 signboard just beside the Cheers convenience store the driver crashed into.

Oooh steamy...? I mean the car as it got busted. 


What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!



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That silver car stopping there was very lucky, otherwise it would be a collateral damage! 😁

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