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Cam car driver doesn't want to give way and plays victim, gets called out for being entitled

Cam car driver doesn't want to give way and plays victim, gets called out for being entitled



TL;DR- Cam car driver posts a video on Facebook trying to get people to side with him because a car “almost” hits him, gets called out for pettiness and trimmed video. 

East side best side? Sure there’s some good food there (shoutout Wild Olives and The Basil Inn) but there’s certainly a case to be made that the East is overrated. 

Case in point, dealing with entitled drivers like this one. 

What happened? 

A driver in Pasir Ris was exiting the driveway of Pasir Ris St 21 when a Toyota Altis tried to pass a stationary taxi in front of it, forcing the car to go against the flow of traffic and create a standoff with the cam car.

After a few seconds of tense inactivity, the Altis backed away a bit and the cam car promptly moved forward as well. The video soon ends. 


The cam car posted this video on Facebook with the caption “PHV vehicle was impatient and filtered out dangerously almost hitting my vehicle. Cutting across single white line and driving against traffic. Tp report had been filed.”

It’s giving “Karen” vibes but otherwise it’s a perfectly reasonable complaint. 

However, the beginning of the video clearly shows the cam car moving forward long after the Toyota has stopped. And that there is still an acceptable gap between the two cars. So even if the cam car was “almost hit”, it would arguably be its own fault. 

But let’s go deeper. 

As previously stated, the Toyota had only backed away a small distance before the cam car moved forward (0:16). This doesn’t help the cam car’s statement of “almost being hit” because it’s reducing distance between them and would instead turn the caption  into “got hit”. Even if the Toyota was initially in the wrong, the cam car is not helping things. 

The Clowning Begins 

Facebook users were quick to ask about how the cam car filed a report for something as small as this. 


Others also pointed out that it's ok to overtake the taxi as it was a stationary vehicle and the video being trimmed.


Suffice to say, the comments were not in the cam car’s favour. And deservedly so. 



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I really dislike idiots like this

playing the victim's card.

Cam car if you want to drive with this entitled attitude please don't drive.


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People like that are so stupid they are the problem SG so sian but being so stupid they they they are angels and its always other people that are at fault.

Please wake up their idea.


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