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Pedestrian defies gravity and lands on his back after Mazda 5 crashes into him at Yuan Ching Road

Pedestrian defies gravity and lands on his back after Mazda 5 crashes into him at Yuan Ching Road



TL;DR - Mazda 5 driver’s failure to obey traffic rules sent a pedestrian flying at Yuan Ching Road. 

This Mazda driver definitely lives up to the standard of being a ‘kiasu’ Singaporean. 

Watch this to see what I mean. 

What Happened? 

A (dramatic) footage surfaced on SGRV of a Mazda driver knocking down a pedestrian and sending him in the air at Yuan Ching Road.  

The traffic light was green for pedestrian crossing (with a significant number of seconds left) when a Mazda 5 driver decided to still drive across, thinking he could out-beat the pedestrian. Unfortunately, he did not. 

And this ‘kiasu’ mistake resulted in the pedestrian getting banged.

The young pedestrian was cartwheeled into the air from the impact, hitting his head on the concrete as he slammed into the ground. 

Online Chatter


As much as everyone is ‘shitting’ on the Mazda driver, some also attacked the SBS bus for dashing off and the poor victim for not being careful when crossing the road (even though it was his right of way).


Oh well, it seems like everyone is at fault, one way or another. 


So hard to please the people. 

Nonetheless, wishing the pedestrian a speedy recovery. And for all road users out there, please keep your eyes on the road, regardless if you’re driving or walking. 



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Maybe the Mazda driver wants to go to jail. 🤷‍♂️

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On 3/28/2023 at 2:35 PM, Mrmilktooth said:

Maybe the Mazda driver wants to go to jail. 🤷‍♂️

Like that Mazda driver must run until pedestrian died

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