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77-year-old driver hospitalised after crashing his Audi A3 into senior citizens centre

77-year-old driver hospitalised after crashing his Audi A3 into senior citizens centre



Uncle was probably driving himself to the centre to meet his friends, and he ended up almost meeting God instead. 

What happened?

On 14 April 2023, a 77 year old man crashed his Audi A3 into the Kolam Ayer Senior Citizens’ Centre at Block 44 Sims Drive.


Pictures of the incident were sent to The Straits Times, and we can see the front of the A3 wedged between the doorway, and that the impact has damaged the building. Chunks of the doorway were knocked out where the car hit the centre. 

A spokesman from Kolam Ayer Community Club told The Straits Times that the centre was not open at the time of the incident, and there was nobody inside. Uncle might want to check for dementia right about now. 

Both the police and Civil Defence Force were alerted to the accident at about 11.20, and the SCDF took the driver to the hospital who was luckily, conscious. 

I do find it weird the car was able to accelerate so fast it made enough force to take a chunk out of the doorway, which means uncle has a heavy foot or thought it was the brake somehow.

Online chatter

Some of the jokes made were morbid, but good enough to forget about it and laugh.

606397387_Jokearticle.thumb.png.eb79925d6f52cd89fb1d1863c43bd37a.pngOthers used this as an example to prevent the elderly from driving on account of their degraded motor skills and reflexes. 





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New drive thru at senior citizens centre making it more convenient for our esteem seniors.

First and only one in SG.


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