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Instant karma for cyclist who tries to cut off cars during a red light

Instant karma for cyclist who tries to cut off cars during a red light



TL;DR - Cyclist in Clementi thinks he's the Boss of the road, gets knocked down by SUV during green light for vehicles. Netizens unanimously laugh.

While I’m not a driver, I understand how annoying cyclists can be. I like running, and in my usual route there’s a narrow stretch where cyclists are supposed to dismount. There is a large sign at both ends of this stretch telling them to dismount.  Something like this.


But they don’t, so my momentum dies because some fellow can’t obey rules and my run becomes more miserable than it already is.

As a result of this, seeing this video on Facebook today pleased me greatly.

What happened?

On 8 April, 10 A.M, a cyclist at Clementi forgot his place on the road and tried to pull a very stupid manoeuvre. 

The cyclist, who I presume is named Clementi with the entitled way he was riding, successfully cut off the car on his lane during a green light for vehicles. 


However, he was less successful in the opposing lane, as a Suzuki Vitara was unable to stop in time and sent this cyclist flying. 


Let’s watch that again, it was pretty funny.


A pedestrian crossing was also right beside the cyclist when he attempted this, so this accident could have been easily avoided if he had some patience and courtesy. But now he suffers some injuries, physically and to his ego. Hopefully the latter scars, for everyone’s sake. 


Online chatter

The internet united once again for a laugh, and made more jokes about the incident to fuel the joy.


Others noted how satisfying the incident was and how they can’t stop watching the video. 



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On 4/24/2023 at 8:26 AM, Heartbreakid said:

Pure stupidity of that cyclist.

Normal bah

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I wish for the cyclist a dislocated knee joint and a fractured femur. This will hopefully lend him a lesson so that he can live longer. 

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