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Brave camcar driver hailed as hero for stopping fight between e-biker and a Nissan Sylphy driver

Brave camcar driver hailed as hero for stopping fight between e-biker and a Nissan Sylphy driver



TL;DR - Fists fly as e-biker and driver clash in heated argument over road safety

Near-miss turns into not-so-fun fisticuffs: Road rage brawl ensues!

Watch this 49 second clip of an e-biker and a driver come to blows in a shocking altercation.

What Happened?

An e-bike got into a heated altercation with the driver of a Nissan Sylphy, resulting in a (one-sided) physical squabble.

Fortunately, a camcar driver who was just behind the camcar noticed the commotion and quickly intervened, stepping in and diffusing the situation. The camcar driver was able to calm the e-biker down and prevent the situation from escalating any further.

It is alleged that the incident occurred when the Nissan Sylphy attempted to overtake the e-biker on a narrow road, coming dangerously close to the e-biker in the process. The e-biker, feeling threatened and upset, shouted at the driver to be more careful.

Online Chat


Some netizens were saying how it could’ve been the Sylphy's fault since he ‘didn’t dare to leave his car’ while some are banking on the e-biker’s fault, since he was the one (and only one) who was throwing punches in the air the whole time. 


Who do you think is at fault? Comment down below!



The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining calm and composure on Singapore's roads, especially in situations where tensions may be running high. It is crucial for all road users to show respect and consideration for one another, regardless of whether they are driving a car, riding a bike, or walking.



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