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Ah beng on a PAB catches up to confront and hit camvehicle for honking & overtaking

Ah beng on a PAB catches up to confront and hit camvehicle for honking & overtaking



Ah bengs are just YPs who never grew out of it because they peaked in their youth and were never more loved or relevant since then. Therefore they continue to act like they did when they were young in order to cling to their scraps of “respect” and “adoration”.

Because how else can you be as free and petty as this guy?

What happened? 

A camvehicle had the misfortune of encountering an Ah Beng PAB rider on Yuan Ching Road last Sunday, 22 April. We can see in the footage that the Ah Beng was going fairly slow on the road. The camvehicle lightly honked twice while at a decent distance from the PAB. 


The camvehicle overtook the PAB before stopping for a bus. And that’s the last we see of the PAB.


The PAB Ah Beng shows up once more after two minutes! The camvehicle stops for 30 seconds in front of a red light and the Ah Beng uses his PAB to block the camvehicle.


The Ah Beng gets off and tells the camvehicle to come out, as well as a bunch of stuff in Chinese to taunt the driver. After a while (for some reason not immediately) the driver calls the police in front of the Ah Beng who remains undeterred. 

Ah Beng gives the car’s front bumper a mild shove, at which point the driver has enough and continues on his way, calling the Ah Beng a CB to the police (yes he was still on call).

So bro was fast enough to chase a vehicle down for 2 minutes, but couldn't go fast enough to not be a hindrance to traffic? This entire thing could've been prevented if he was just pedalling faster or NOT ON THE ROAD AT ALL. 


I must say I find Ah Beng’s determination impressive, if only for the wrong reasons. Who knows what he could’ve been if he used his resilience in his career and not being a pest?

Online chatter

Ah Beng’s behaviour does not help the already poor reputation of PAB riders. Or cyclists on the road. 


Others once again plead with LTA and the government to take action against such riders. 



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