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BMW rider starts a fight after trying to cut the queue at Tuas checkpoint

BMW rider starts a fight after trying to cut the queue at Tuas checkpoint



Guys, I know the jam at checkpoints are long, but waiting a few hours is probably better than waiting a few months in jail. 

What happened?

On 6th May 2023, a BMW 1200gs rider at Tuas checkpoint decided that the queue was too long and tried to cut it. 


However, he was unfortunate in his choice of victim, who was apparently a Malaysian rider who refused to let him have his way. 

This resulted in a fight where the Malaysian man was being held back by a couple other riders in an attempt to stop the fight, as other vehicles behind them were also blaring their horns. 

The footage is pretty short and only shows the fight as it is happening, not what led to it.

We also don’t know if either party is going to face charges for fighting (though really, it should only be the BMW rider if this is true). Take this story with a grain of salt. 

Ironically, if the rider just waited like everyone else he probably would have left earlier as opposed to starting a fight and dealing with the consequences after.

Online chatter

You already know what people are going to make fun of in this one. 





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As usual, sinkies always do shameful things when overseas 😂

Really xia sway.. Pui..

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