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Marketing goals: Convoy of vehicles promoting Fast X goes viral after being stopped by LTA

Marketing goals: Convoy of vehicles promoting Fast X goes viral after being stopped by LTA



I know the marketing team was popping bottles when the videos came out on social media.

What happened? 

A convoy of modded (modified) cars were promoting the premiere of Fast X, the tenth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. 

Some pretty cool cars took part, an assortment of GTR R35s and Ford Mustangs among others.


However, in true Fast & Furious fashion, some complications happened. 

On their way to the movie, the convoy was stopped by traffic police and LTA, who happened to be there to conduct routine checks. 


Despite the hold up, the cars passed inspection and eventually arrived at Shaw Theatres for the premiere of the movie. According to Facebook user Daryl Giam, it was an official event organised by Vos Automotive, The Next Thing, AutoCulture Singapore & United International Pictures Singapore.

poster.thumb.jpg.4f882914f97ed47a540eff0d4b243c4d.jpgOnline chatter

Oddly enough there were quite a few people disliking the cars.


Like almost all the comments were calling for the cars to be taken away.


Writer's thoughts - Why so salty? 


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Picture on the top right - Seems like her butt was being touched. 🤣

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